Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweep That Floor

I had gone to the Pima Community College site to volunteer for the day, as I could not get enough of excavation. When I asked what I could do I was told by Buff, the field director, “Sweep that pit-house floor.”

I was stunned! “What floor?” I asked, as I looked down at the plain desert floor.

Buff drew a circle on the desert floor, supposedly outlining the pit house.

Broom in hand I started to sweep. Slowly the color changed and I could see the real outline, gray inside the circle and regular pink/tan desert color outside.

My mind tumbled as I swept.

Whose floor?

Dang! A woman may have swept this floor 1,000 years ago and here am I still sweeping it!

Does anyone care about the woman?

Who was she?

What did she like or didn’t like?

Did she have children?

Did she keep the house floor THIS clean?

Sweeping that floor changed my perspective on life!

Who gives a rat’s patoot as to how clean the house is. Keep it neat is my motto.

As for the archaeology lesson—it taught me to look for subtle color changes in the desert soil.

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