Thursday, August 8, 2013

Desert Weather

Weather predictions for the morning looked great!

Monsoon rain was not to start until about 3 in the afternoon.

The three of us set out early in the morning to do our site monitoring.

Since it was to be a short day I had picked 2 sites both about half a mile from the car.

Sites where near each other, but on opposite sides of the Creek.

Skies looked clear. Not a cloud in sight.

We were about mid site when I looked southeast. Normal monsoon building - big black clouds had formed and a rain shower could be seen.

In this part of the country, west of the Continental Divide, one has to be aware of rain east or south of where you are located as the water flows north and west.

I said, “Guess we won’t go to the other site across the Creek. There is rain to the southeast of us. A wall of water could strand us for hours on the wrong side of the Creek.”

I no sooner had said this, when G S said, “Hey! I just felt a drop of rain!”

Sure enough! Rain from a big black cloud overhead was upon us.

We made a hasty retreat to the car.

Rain had us soaked, so when we got to the car we were sopping wet and cold! Actually chattering with cold.

GS said, “A hot shower is a first-do when I get home!”

A hot shower in July in the desert?

Boy that hot shower sure felt good.

It almost made up for the fact I had failed to look up!