Saturday, May 19, 2012


We had 20 newly trained Site Stewards at a State Park to do extended field training.

We were not able to offer “feature” identification to them in class other than through photos via Power Point presentation so this was an opportunity to expand their archaeological knowledge in the field.

There were 3 of us to do the training and we each took a group. I was doing surface artifact ID, Bill G. from the Forest Service was taking a group to a higher level to show them a ballcourt and waffle gardens (agricultural fields), and Dave M. also from the Forest Service took them to view walls, rooms and other features known to be on site. We each spent about 45 minutes with our group then rotated groups so all could see the various things the site had to offer.

At the end of the session with my last group as I was showing them some artifacts and explaining the need to look at the desert floor for color changes when one Steward said, “Look up! There is someone with a shovel! Felony in progress!”

We looked up from the desert floor and sure enough there was a man about 300 meters from us feverously working with a shovel.

All who had cell phones had them at the ready!

But who to call? We were far away from the other two trainers – they were not in eye-sight nor within earshot.

I said, “Does anyone have Bill’s or Dave’s number?”

Much shaking of heads and “Nope.”

There was great discussion and much consternation over “what to do?”

We just had to wait until we caught up with the other trainers who, by the way, are also trained in Law Enforcement.

When Bill G. approached we told him about the man we saw with the shovel. Bill said he talked to the man and it was a Park worker cleaning the trail. Whew!

One Steward said, “I would never noticed that man and questioned what he was doing had it not been for this training.”

I was so proud of the group and of our training!