Sunday, April 25, 2010

Collecting the Unusual

I received a call from Rich who had a very, well let us say, strange request. He knew we were to do survey work for Michelle the up-coming weekend and he asked for –cow patties!

“Cow patties?” I asked.

“Yes, and they need to be dry! And we need about 4 large garbage bags of them. Would you and the group do this for me?”

Rich explained the cow patty need. The Museum was hosting the Annual Arizona Archaeology Month. Booths for various demonstrations were to be set up and one booth was for making of pottery the prehistoric way. Cow patties were to be used to fuel the fire.

How can one deny such a request for largely education? And from such a thoughtful person!

I explained to Michelle Rich’s request for the ‘collection’ for the up-coming weekend survey.

“Cherie, we can do this but YOU have to ask the group!”

The area of survey we were in at the time was still being used for cattle grazing and there were lots of patties about in the fields. We arrived at the survey area, parked, milled about a bit and Michelle said, “Cherie has a request.”

You can imagine the twitters and guffaws when I asked the group if they were willing to collect cow patties! 4 big bags full and they had to be dry!

They agreed and within minutes the gang had the required 4 bags, of course amid much laughter.

Afore mentioned bags were delivered to Rich. The pottery demonstration was a success. Rich was very thankful to all. BUT, the word went out: “Volunteers will do anything.

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  1. I was on that memorable trip. I recall that Rich had already collected big bags full of cow patties for his pottery project but they were wet and he could not dry them out. Volunteers came to the rescue. We'll do anything for the noble cause of Archaeology.