Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Court Order

It was a typical day in Arizona clear and warm.

Our core group had been formed into crews and we received our paper work and assigned survey area for the day.

We had been doing this survey for Michelle for quite some time and had a good working knowledge of the core group. We had the occasional visitor join us for a day and we were used to doing “training” on the go as additional duty.

I was assigned to Michelle’s crew and we had a newcomer.

On this particular day the area we were to survey consisted of open fields and mesa/ridge tops. Now to us in archaeology the openness poses a problem—ahem—were do we go to the loo?

At morning break off to the side I asked Michelle who this young man was. She gave me his name and said, “He has been court ordered to do community service with us.” When I asked his crime, Michelle said he had been caught and convicted of urinating in public!

Whoa! And thorns to that judge who didn’t seem to know we all had to be rather –un private---trying to find a bush can be difficult atop a mesa/ridgetop where there is nothing higher than a blade of grass!

Do you think that young man learned anything? We were all urinating in public!

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