Friday, May 13, 2011


On our way to the survey area we passed thru the old, 1866, town of Florence once the Pinal County seat.
The historic district is fun with its Victorian style and ornately painted buildings.

Main Street is old style in that the sidewalks are wood covered. One can imagine hitching posts and spittoons along the walk!

Florence is the ‘home’ of Arizona State Prison and several other detention centers.

Hey, what did that small store sign say?

Prison Outlet Store


Turn around. Enter and park in the big dirt parking lot with tall stacks of baled hay ($6.50/bale).

Outside, a few men in orange jump suits are hosing down the patio and off-loading a semi truck bed with its very small load. No guard is visible.

A small low slung, dark wood building, ala 1880’s cowboy style, greets us.

Inside of the long, bowling alley type room: oil paintings, t-shirts, origami, other art works, loaves of freshly made whole wheat bread and cookies at 99 cents, hand painted cards for all occasions and FREE beets grown in the prison gardens.

We are told the purchase money goes to the prisoner who made the item.

We browse and buy. One orders a specialized license plate. One buys origami and greeting cards.

I buy a white t-shirt with black lettering that reads:

Florence Prison
A Gated Community

To see a picture of the Prison Outlet Store:

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