Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recap of Survey

During the last 4 months we, a crew of 4, have relocated, evaluated and surveyed more than 40 prehistoric Hohokam sites.
Read a quick bit about Hohokam. See:

During this time we:

Saw 1 Gila Monster: See:

Relocated 5 ballcourts. See:

Discovered 3 oval mortars (not normal!) See:

Had 1 flat tire: See:

Saw too many jack rabbits to count. See:

Traveled the naked desert floor.

Walked through jumping cholla forests. See:

Saw a pygmy owl in a saguaro: See

Viewed the desert from ridge tops.

Were in boulder strewn mountain canyons with trees in bloom. See:

Saw about six sites of just petroglyphs: See

Saw lots of Hohokam pottery sherds. See:

Were followed by 2 Blackhawk helicopters: See

And had more fun than is legal!

Oh! Did I mention the new racing stripes along my vehicle sides?

Addendum: I tried to click the URLs and they worked for me. I hope they work for you too. I guess if they don't --well just copy and paste! Sorry
but enjoy!

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