Thursday, May 19, 2011


I really love jade and have thought for most of my life that jade has “good luck” properties!
It is a very pretty stone that comes in many different colors.

I have a jade bead necklace of a variety of colors: white, green, black, and coral.

I have rings and bracelets too but those are the typical green jade.

The other day I was feeling rather down and had an Archaeological “DO” to go to. So as a pick me up and to foster that ‘good luck’ myth I wore 2 jade rings, a jade pendant and a jade bracelet.

At this ‘DO’ when the MC was announcing the speaker he said he had late breaking news:

One of us sitting in the audience had just been awarded the Governor’s Public Archaeology Award.

Then he announced my name!

I was and am dumbstruck.

I am sure I over did the wearing of the jade!

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  1. I say, bring on the jade! But you absolutely deserve this award Cherie. Congratulations!