Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Gault

The dig soil, well compacted by 14,000 years of weight, had to be water screened in the data recovery process. It was like concrete. Artifacts could be in the concrete matrix and wet screening is one way to separate the artifact from the soil.

The pail of dirt is dumped into a screen and then one takes a water hose and moves, by hand, the matrix mass back and forth under the water over the screen.

Many excavators wear gloves during this process. I don’t. I like the feel of the soil. I like getting dirty. It is my pleasure after so many years of hospital clean!

A loud “ouch!” and blood. I have been cut by a Clovis blade!

I refuse care and a band-aid. I wear the cut like a badge of honor.

14,000years ago a Clovis man made this blade. I have the honor of experiencing the sharpness of the tool.

Now tell me honestly, how many people do you know who have been cut by a Clovis blade?

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