Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gas Money

I was getting gas at the old Davis Monthan AFB gas station for my trek to the San Pedro dig site.

After pumping the gas I stood in line at the kiosk. An elderly gentleman in front of me was exclaiming his dismay to the cashier, Yolanda, about the absence of his wallet. No money-no credit card. Oh! Dang.

Yolanda said he could pay her at his next visit. He seemed reluctant to have her pay for him.

I leaned over and asked Yolanda “How much does he owe?”

$5 was her reply.

I paid.

Weeks later when I went to pay for my gas Yolanda said, “I have something for you.”

She handed me a calling card to which was stapled a $5 bill.

The card read J.E.G--- Board of Directors AAA!

On the back of the card, “To my guardian angel---Many thanks for your help with gas money.” Signed G--.

Tables turned!!

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