Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lake City

Bonnie invited me to join in her Archaeological Field School in Colorado for 3 ten-day sessions meaning, we would work for 10 days for 10 hours a day then have 4 days off.

She was to have 15 students from all over the US for field school.

It was my pleasure to say yes.

On the 3rd day I got sick—really sick. I think I had pneumonia-- not fun at anytime but at 9000 feet definitely not good. I spent a long weekend taking antibiotics recouping so by Monday morning I was ready to give survey a try. Or so I thought!

We drove to the survey area and formed into groups, going over techniques again with the students.

The mountains looked daunting but I trudged along with the crew, up the path with its steady climb but my breathing became frighteningly labored.

I told the crew chief I could not go on. I would sit “here” and await their return.

Breathless, I flopped down on a rocky surface and noticed a lithic! A pretty jasper(chert) piece! After resting and with my breath coming easier I decided to explore this strange lava type surface area.

Another lithic then another!

I had my pin flags handy so I laid them on top of the lithics. There was no soil so I could not stick them in the ground.

I had a sea of red flags!

I heard the crew coming down the hill and all exclaiming at my sea of flags. They had surveyed the mountain for about two hours and had found nothing.

I had found a wonderful archaic site.

I guess little old ladies do better just sitting!

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