Friday, January 21, 2011

Return to the Edwin Fox

As I mentioned before the Edwin Fox is an East Indiaman ship berthed in Picton, New Zealand. I worked on it during an EARTHWATCH expedition.

I was partnered with Mina, who was from San Francisco. I forget what she did in her work world but she was exacting in her work on the Edwin Fox.

Our job was to measure and record the measurements of the stern. Every single board!

We measured and measured again before we recorded the data.

We were VERY exacting. We worked hard.

In a December note from the Principal Investigator (PI) he indicated our measures were so extreme and doubtful that he had to institute another session to re-record our work.

We were devastated not to mention how horrified and embarrassed we were!

We had cost the project money and time. Dang!

The next January I received a note again from the PI stating the second team got the same measurements as we had!

His assessment: The master ship builder, who had NOT used blue prints, torqued the stern for the prevailing winds!

And he said, “Good job!”


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