Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Little Knowledge

On a beautiful Friday morning we were south and west of Tucson on private property to survey for preservation and possible acquisition of a Hohokam Classic period site (1150-1450 AD) if we could find it.

The long strip of land is owned by an old time Arizona family; given to them in a Mexican land grant in the 1800s.

I had volunteered at the Arizona State Museum on the preceding Wednesday and had done intake and condition reports on items for the up coming “CORONA” exhibit.

I had never heard of Salvador Corona! I checked in about 10 items; exquisite artwork done by Corona, a Mexican bullfighter of the 1915s; turned artist following a horrendous goring in the ring.

His work is very unique and I came to appreciate it in very short order. For the most part what I know about art would not fill a thimble!

When we arrived at the Rancher’s home he invited us in to see the home. As I entered the living room I noticed a painting over the fireplace and exclaimed, “You have a Corona!”

The rancher was flabbergasted that I knew about Corona! I explained to him how I knew about this artist. He told me he had the one painting but his sister had at least 6 Corona items. Corona and the rancher’s family had been long time friends.

I talked to him about the coming exhibit and gave him the name of the museum exhibit contact.

As the exhibit date drew close I was pleased to see the rancher’s painting and his sister’s items join the exhibit.

Oh! The survey – well, the rancher’s home was surrounded by artifacts as the house sits atop the classic period site!

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