Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Readers

I am at the end of my 28 years of archaeology stories - my adventures or misadventures, points of irony or incidents that were just plain fun for me! All have been true. Thank you for reading them.

Several years ago I wrote a story for a friend's birthday, totally fiction and definitely not researched. It is all make believe; it came out of nowhere, entered my brain, traveled right out my fingers onto the keyboard!

I present it to you hoping you will enjoy it.

I will post it starting tomorrow, 1 day at a time, on Mondays. It is called The Search. It starts with Day 0.

Meanwhile, here is a quickie - not archaeological but shows you the kinds of things that happen to me in everyday life too that tickle my fancy:

I was buying lipstick. I do not like luster or sparkle in my lipstick.

Lighting in the store was poor and I couldn’t tell if the color I picked was matte or lustrous/sparkly.

There was a very young woman standing next to me.

I said to her, "Would you help me? My eyes are failing and I can’t tell if this lipstick has luster in it. Would you check it for me?"

She said, "Just a sec. Let me get my glasses!"

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