Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Search Day 1

Camp news:

Last night we had a wonderful meal prepared by our camp cook, Jeanne. Sitting around the campfire after a meal has been a long time favorite, a time to laugh and tell lies, as some say.

Introductions are complete and the basic methodology of our work presented, questions and answers accomplished. We are absorbed in and by our ‘town.’ Our thoughts are of our pending work and our chosen estrangement from the world. Our quick excursion to ‘our’ lake has made us comfortable.

The camp looks good — the tree branch holds – so far! Tents and small trailers scattered around in a tight area give the appearance of a small town, albeit a rather shabby, shantytown, one.

Night sleeping was exceedingly warm.

We gear up for the day’s trek into the unknown. Water bottles filled; individual lunches packed. We leave an hour after breakfast. Routine has started.

We follow a trail for a short way single file, then bunch up and then break off trail into low brush. The forest towers above us. It is cool and comfortable. When we come to an open basin area we spread out survey style and our work begins.

The long day’s search for early man in the high open basin has given us brief hints, an artifact or two of lithics but not what we are looking for, yet we record the area and do a simple map. We are tired and dirty!

The day’s trek was about 5 miles without much altitude change. The solar shower branch held so we are clean and refreshed.

Dinner is served.

Routine is looking good.

We get to know one another around the campfire. A glass of wine and a few stories then, off to bed.

to be continued

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