Thursday, September 16, 2010


I had a thousand mile drive ahead of me, and dang if my radio didn’t go out. A real bummer for me! I love to listen to the radio on a long drive.

I was near a small town and pulled into an L strip-mall. The local ‘drug’ store had a cheapo battery operated radio. Good.

Back at my car - I couldn’t get in. I had locked the keys inside.

I went back to the store and asked the lady at the desk to call AAA for me. She did.

They were a ‘no show’ four hours later! It was a Saturday and the AAA contacts quit at noon!

I paced the sidewalk in front of the store wondering what to do - police would not come nor would the fire department.

I saw a yellow cab enter the mall parking lot.

I went up to the window - tapped on it and said, “Would you happen to know a gang member who could get into my car for me? I have locked my keys in there.”

I really did say that! And the cabbie was just as incredulous as you are!

He pulled into the slot next to my car. He got out; I swear he looked just like the “Mr. Clean.” A really big man, shaved head had it all.

He opened the trunk of his car. I saw wires, tools and HUGE machete with wire wrapped around it.

“I am dead! He’ll kill me right here in this parking lot. And no one will see it” I thought.

He opened my car in less than 5 seconds!

I was so grateful I cried.

I reached into my wallet and got a $20 bill out. As I gave him the bill I gave him a hug.

Hugging me back he said, “I thank you and my six kids thank you. I am an out of work county investigator!”

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