Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am not sure how to write up this fiasco as it was so confusing but I’ll give it a try.

We were formed into 3 crews for the remote area survey – each crew with a vehicle.

We were to be 4 crews but one was a no show.

Michelle had given out the maps showing the survey areas for each crew.

I was on Michelle’s crew.

Off we go to our survey area.

We weren’t going anywhere - fast. She couldn’t get the vehicle out of 2nd gear!

Michelle and I took off in 2nd gear for the tiny nearby town. We left our crew members to cool their heels roadside thinking we might be stuck in town and the crew would meet up with the others - eventually.

I remember we left the vehicle in town and Connie came to get us.

Back in the remote area, Connie and I dropped Michelle off with the 4th crew,the no show. They had been stranded earlier with battery problems! They were roadside waiting with the rest of our stranded crew.

The next thing I remember I was with Connie. I think we were headed for the 1st crew to tell them to abort the day.

We proceeded to have a front wheel flat tire!

We did all the usual - jack the car up – get the spare out- take off the flat. Ah heck! You all know the miserable routine!

As Connie and I were changing the tire a man in a pick-up truck pulled up next to us. He offered to help. As I talked with him I looked in his vehicle window and saw a very ugly hydraulic bow and arrow resting on the front seat. I thanked him but said we were almost through changing the tire. “But thank you for stopping.”

I rolled the spare tire to Connie and the two of us lifted it up and put it on her Jeep.

Whew! We did it and were on our way! Nope the car would not budge.

We had put the tire on backwards!

Jack up the car again - undo the lug nuts- put the tire on the right way!

Now we were finally on our way and met up with the rest of the crews.

Only one crew had been able to survey - partially. The rest of us were tangled up with cars one way or tother!

Finally we were all together sitting roadside eating, bemoaning the lost day and laughing about the day’s fiasco when I saw the final insult:

The Jeep’s metal symbol announcing it was a “Jeep” unhinge, swing and dangle!

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