Thursday, July 29, 2010

Montana Night Skies

Mammoth Meadow was an EARTHWATCH archaeological dig outside of Dillon, Montana - way outside of town. People had come from all over the states to be involved in this paleoindian dig.

One quiet moonless night we were sitting around the campfire. A couple from a light polluted city in New Jersey sat looking at the sky.

They didn’t move. They seemed to be transfixed - mesmerized.

The darkness showed the stars in full splendor - twinkling diamonds on a backdrop of black velvet. Absolutely beautiful!

They couldn’t keep their eyes off the sky.

They were schoolteachers; he taught the 5th grade, she the 4th grade.

Finally, he broke the silence saying,

“Look at that Momma. We teach it but we have never seen it!”

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