Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fearless and Brave

We were camped at an empty and long abandoned corral area high up in the Sierra Ancha. We were there to continue work on the cliff dwellings in the area.

This was the first archaeological camping trip for my little dog, SILA, who at 4 months old weighed about 4 pounds.

As we prepared for dinner-long table and a potluck assortment of foods-the local rancher came bouncing, rattling in towing his old trailer, startling us.

He had two cows in his trailer-- cows now “feral” he said, missing from his herd for over 2 years.

We continued to set up our dinner not enjoying the prospect of sharing our camping area with cows and all their attendant noises and smells.

I looked around and my little SILA was missing.

Dinner was put on hold as we started a search for her. We called and called.


Several of us went to the corral and climbed atop the fence. Before us we saw this little four-pound poodle in a rigid ‘pointer-dog’ stance facing off the 2 ‘feral’ cows, each weighing about 1600 pounds!

She had them backed into a corner of the corral, butt to butt, and they were stark still, heads down just staring at her!

I jumped into the corral and grabbed her-handed her to one of the men sitting on the corral fence.

Of course, she ended up on a leash for the rest of dinner and time spent in the camp area.

But what a fearless and brave little dog I had.

By the way, I should tell you her name SILA- is an acronym for:

Sure I Like Archaeology.

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