Monday, May 24, 2010

The Umbrella

As I mentioned elsewhere, we often had ‘visitors’ on the Cienega survey.

On this day we had an elderly couple join us. He looked determined. She looked frail.

She carried an umbrella as she said she had trouble with the sun.

We are in the Arizona desert and there is no shade, you know!

Michelle put them on a crew who was to survey fairly close to the dirt two-track but was still out in the middle of nowhere.

My crew was up on ridge tops and we could see the umbrella walking back and forth.

Good! They are doing ok I thought to myself. At least the umbrella was doing ok!

The successful day ended and on the ride home I asked the umbrella carrier how her day went and if she enjoyed the survey.

She said she really enjoyed herself but of all the comments she could have made she said in astonishment,

“But you know we had to sit on the ground when we ate lunch!”

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