Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We had just finished surveying a huge swath of BLM land in a pass outside of Heber, Utah. The area was strewn with shotgun shells casings, 22 brass casings and clay pigeons. A real mess in a beautiful area.

“We” were students who had signed up for the field school with Bonnie.

I was along as a volunteer to assist Bonnie with whatever she needed me to do. In this instance it was to assist with surveying techniques.

The students had learned quickly. They were a very enthusiastic group, and tireless as youths are.

On a break one student had suggested they go up “higher” up the mountain to see another quarry he had heard about.

At the end of the survey they were still intent on the quarry visit.

I had already seen enough quarries to last me a lifetime and I was tired. I said, “Go. I’ll wait and rest in the rocks below near the road”.

They went on their way and I wandered down to a very boulder strewn area near the road. They were to be gone about 20 minutes.

I had just found a comfortable resting spot in the boulders when I saw a car drive up and 2 men and 2 boys got out. They were all carrying guns! Shotguns!

They raised the guns to shoot and they were pointed in my direction! They did not have targets and it appeared they were going to shoot randomly.

I had a red pin flag and waved it shouting, “Someone is here. I am here. Don’t shoot!”

They looked astonished and disgusted. They said something and headed back to the car and drove off.

I was shaken.

In the evening back at camp the BLM ranger came by and I told her about the incident and I had really feared I was going to be shot. She listened intently with a look of horror on her face and she said, “Oh! The paper work!"

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