Sunday, November 10, 2013

Evening of Excitement

A number of years ago my friend asked me to join her, as a volunteer, for an evening of excitement.

Her department at Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) was giving a reception in honor of Dr. Edward Danson, former Director of MNA.

I had read his archaeological dissertation and was involved with some follow up site relocations he had described in his work.

And he happened to be the father of Ted Danson, the actor.

Of course, I said yes.

I packed my clothes for the weekend in Flagstaff. I even included panty hose! Now, living in the desert this is not an item often worn but I was headed into cold country-up north.

Dressed up, ready to kill - panty hose and jewelry! Wow! I would surely wow one Ted Danson who was to be there for his father’s honoring!

I helped with setting up the reception room: tablecloths, napkins, wine-glasses, fingertip eatery. All those good things that go into making a fine, memorable party.

There was great excitement- a buzz- in the air as we waited for Ted Danson to arrive.

But I felt something go awry. My panty hose seemed to loosen at the waist! Desert heat does grim things to elastic. Hmm. I kept on with the chores at hand.

Now looser! Looser! Oh Dang! They were slipping---down!

My entire being was focused on those dang hose! I decided to make a beeline for the ladies room to remove them. Looking to my left I could see Ted Danson.

I was walking side by side with Ted Danson!

By this time my hose’s waist was at knee high!

I locked my knees together and sorta walked-if you can call it that! Try walking with your knees locked together! Ha! All the while walking next to a star!

And my panty hose were still slipping down! OMG! Would I trip? Splat!

Someone asked me later if he was bald! Bald?? How could I tell? I was trying to keep my hose from hitting the floor! Definitely not looking at a man’s head!

A true Evening of Excitement –for me! A night with the Stars!

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  1. I would have give anything to have seen this. Thanks for the laugh. Did you ever get to meet the actor?