Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today we were evaluating a site in the Sulfur Springs Valley, located east of Tucson.

Typical – anytime we have a site to visit there is a scramble to deal with barbed wire fences!

I had walked the site and was headed out and had to go under the barbed wire fence again!

I was alone as my crewmates were in the wash and well away from me.

The fence was tight but I thought I could get under without the extra ‘lift’ of the lower wires.

I got stuck!

I was on my belly - squirming under the wires - military style.

The barbs grabbed my windbreaker!

I managed to tilt and release the barbs.

I continued to do the military belly slide – hook and unhook the barbs.

Finally free and I was out!

As I stood up a crewmate laughingly hollered to me, “Didn’t any one tell you to act your age?”


“Don’t all old ladies belly under barbed wire fences?” I hollered back.

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