Thursday, March 24, 2011


Out in the quiet desert we hear and see two low flying Black Hawk helicopters coming towards us and hear their “Whap! Whap!” - sounds that cut through the desert peace.

They are very low. They look ominous! The desert peace is truly broken.

Many questions come to mind: Are they practicing? Are they watching us? Are they after someone?

We have driven to this area down a long, deep in silt, dirt road.

Dusty is an understatement. The dust is pinkish in color. It swarms and swirls about us as we drive along. The vehicle and its windows are covered in dust.

We have parked on the dirt road and have walked to the south out of the way of the sparse mesquite thicket — thorny you know!

We continue our survey, keeping the helicopters in sight.

They hover - hover for a long time at the base of the mountains that are to our northwest less than a mile away.

We finish our survey and head back to the car.

The helicopters are still there – hovering.

Bruce H. says, “They got someone!”

“Who?” We ask.


We are in the mesquite thicket and thru the branches we see a camouflaged vehicle.

Startled I say, “There is their car!

We need to go back and get out. Wait a minute!

That is my car!”

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