Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Search About day 60

Camp/Town news:

Today a baby was born. He brings us pleasure and most of all hope.

We are coughing less. Our skin is not as red as the rashes are almost gone. Nausea has passed for the most part.

We have found food. Jeanne cooks for us.

We have shelter.

We have a shower.

We feel healthier with each passing day.

The sun is shinning a bit brighter each day. The air is somewhat clearer.

We depend more and more on each other.

We had a laugh last night. It felt good.

We have come to understand our situation and have formulated plans for our survival.

We have developed a routine and we have some comfort.

We are not sure if the food we found is harmless but we need nourishment. There is little of it.

Plans need to be made to grow crops. Can we learn to be farmers?

Most of the town ‘stuff’ tends to disintegrate when we try to use it.

How much do we try to make? Can we learn how to do this?

We have no answers. Each day is a new beginning and a time of learning for us.

Our mutual interests had drawn us together at the beginning. Now, we must draw together to continue our survival and the survival of the species.

We can do it. We will follow in the footsteps of those who came before us.

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