Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Search Day 3

Camp news:

Alarms go off at 5 am. Early start of our day is necessary but, wow! A few more minutes of sleep would be great especially since it is dark.

We stumble and grumble to breakfast. Jeanne knows we need extra fat to sustain us at altitude and for the long treks. Breakfast is good and provides us with what we need, want or crave.

This day is longer in time and length of trek. We are getting stronger; we huff and puff less even though we are higher in altitude. Our daypacks are heavy. Our muscles moan. Some bones talk to us.

We climb and stumble our way up. One skinned shin is in need of attention. Be wary of the rocks, some look stable only to roll underfoot and throw one off balance. New lessons are learned along the hard way.

As usual, we comb open areas and crisp babbling stream-sides for any sign of early man.

The sun looks strange again today. The day is darker. There is a little breeze. Fires must be huge and close by.

Lunch break is again time for chatter about our work.

We found a paleo-point (arrowhead) just before lunch; mapping and paperwork are done and the high fives to M. for finding it. Good eye, M! So know we know they were here!

The archaeology model “Sundance” is good. Whoever wrote it knew what they were doing! We have the proof and we know more is to come.

Back at camp, showered we eat and talk about the find.

Excitement reigns.

What will our next day bring?

We will do a 10-hour trek tomorrow and will be at about 9000 feet.

to be continued

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