Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barnes Site

A Folsom point (10,500-10,000 BC) had been found on the surface by the survey crew on the Barnes site in Colorado.

PCRG had said they would join in the dig as we were after all Paleo Culture Research Group.

I was assigned the 2x1 meter pit right at the Folsom point find.

Expectations were high. My partner and I excavated, bagged and carried that damn dirt for days! Nothing! When I checked at the water screening area for signs of artifacts from our pit: Nothing. Nil. Nada. We didn’t even have a rock!

I worked the south end of the pit. At about 20 centimeters down in the southwest corner I noticed a soil color change very faint but it was there. I excavated a bit more. Yep, it was there.

I made a trip out of the pit to see Stan and tell him about the soil change.

He comes, has a look and says, "I don’t see it."

Day 2 of color change: I am now down deeper and can really see the change in color and texture. Heck, if I can’t have artifacts surely I can have color and texture change!

Stan: "Nope, Cherie. There is no change in texture or color."

Day 3 of color change. It is there I see it, my partner doesn’t see it. I am really crazy.

Stan: "Nope. Nothing. There, there. It’s ok. You don’t have to have something." And he was saying this while patting me on the shoulder, as though I was a heartbroken little girl.

We are at the bottom of the pit, since there have been no artifacts then there is no sense to continue to excavate. Very disappointing.

I have been asked to assist at other pits. I endure the teasing!

Days later I hear my name called and the request to come back to my pit. The world is there.

Stan tells me a ‘soil man’ had really looked at the area I had been 'nagging' him about.

It has been determined "there is a change of color and texture" and they had decided it is Paleo soil.

I had been excavating the ‘side’ of a small ridge from Paleo times, that had filled in with silt over the thousands of years.

Stan was wonderful when he was telling me, "You are vindicated. You have a good eye, Cherie."

He said this to me in front of all the excavators. They cheered!

I smiled and said. "Thank you. Guess I do have good glasses!"

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